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Here’s the Incredible Salary a Stay-at-home Mom Would Make if Her Job Was Paid

Being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job. Find out how much she would earn if she were paid for all the tasks she has to do in her daily life and that of her children.

Housework, shopping, education are all tasks that mothers have to take on every day without annual leave. However, this daily responsibility has never been concretely evaluated in terms of money.

A mother would earn a high salary

To be able to assess the salary that a stay-at-home mother could earn, Prontopro, a portal for connecting with personal service professionals, has compiled  all the activities of her daily life . Among them, ironing, driving,  cooking , shopping and much more. The portal was thus able to calculate an amount equivalent to 5 times the minimum wage, namely the salary of a senior executive. A telling conclusion that evokes the workload of a stay-at-home mother, not to mention the mental load on a daily basis.


A stay-at-home mother would earn 6,400$ net per month

Prontopro, carried out a study to be able to evaluate the salary that a stay-at-home mother would earn for all the tasks that she must perform every day to meet the needs of her family. For this, the agency counted all the activities carried out by the mothers without forgetting to calculate those of the father. A  mother could earn 6400$ net per month if she was paid for all her work. This corresponds to the salary of a person who occupies a managerial position or that of a specialist doctor. On average, a stay-at-home mom would spend more than 80 hours a week doing domestic work, including cleaning the house, activities with the children, helping with homework and other tasks required to take care of her family. Like Prontopro, the American site  has looked into the question of an assessed salary for stay-at-home mothers. The platform has proposed an algorithm to give value to the work of the latter. According to one of the studies published by  Salary, an American housewife would work 94 hours a week on average, an activity that corresponds to 6917$ per month, or 83,652$ annually.

What activities does the housewife do?

In the collective imagination, housewives are reduced to the status of mothers who take care of their children without the slightest recognition. Being a stay-at-home mom is not easy and is akin to working in a high-responsibility position. To prove this fact, Prontopro has compiled  nine activities that stay-at-home moms do in their daily lives . Among them, that of housekeeper for 3 hours per week, style advisor (once a month), pastry chef , private tutor, chef, coach, private driver and entertainer. As many functions as the mother fulfills in co-parenting with the father whose working hours have also been calculated.

INSEE has also calculated the hypothetical remuneration of a stay-at-home mother

If Salary and Prontopro calculate a salary of around 6000$, INSEE has a calculation that allows it to assess a remuneration of around 1327$ per month. According to a 2010 study, the organization calculates for women 28 hours of domestic chores per week,  34 hours of shopping , DIY, playing with children and 41 hours of  car journeys  or caring for a domestic animal. INSEE calculates for a man a salary equivalent to 702$ with 18 hours of work per week on average. The minimum wage is 9.76$ gross per hour.

Stay-at-home mothers are not on vacation all year round, as the figures quoted above show. Between the education of children, homework help or even housework, it is a full-time job which is estimated at nearly 6000$ per month if we count all the hats they wear. have to endure to take on this role of mom at home.