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How to Remove Nail Polish without Using Nail Polish Remover? Apply this Simple Trick and it Will Be Gone in No Time

It is possible to remove the layer of varnish without damaging your nails if you do not have a nail polish remover. Find out how to remove this cosmetic with this simple and effective trick.

Sometimes you run out of nail polish remover when you want to remove your nail polish. Fortunately, there is a simple alternative to remove it without a product containing acetone.


How to remove nail polish without solvent?

To remove all nail polish residue, you can  do without cosmetics  filled with acetone which can weaken it. Products at your fingertips can help you remove polish in no time.

  • Vinegar and lemon can replace nail polish remover with acetone

Did you know that vinegar and lemon can help remove your nail polish? The astringent character of  the acid solution  and the citrus will help you eliminate the latter. To take advantage of this trick, mix in a container, two parts vinegar to one part lemon juice. Immerse your fingers in it for about fifteen minutes. After five minutes, start scraping your nails to remove the polish layer. Rinse your hands well with clear water when you have removed all the varnish.

Discover other simple tips to remove your nail polish without solvent

There are different tips that will make the sometimes unpleasant task of removing your nail polish easier. Here’s how to get your natural nails back with these simple methods.

  • 90° alcohol is ideal to replace the nail polish remover

Due to its abrasive properties, 90 degree alcohol can remove polish residue from your nails and act as the nail polish remover with acetone.

To take advantage of this trick, apply the solution to each nail with cotton and rub gently. If streaks remain, leave the cotton on for a little longer.

  • Nail polish is an effective natural nail polish remover

To remove nail polish , there is a trick as effective as nail polish remover: nail polish. This easy-to-use cosmetic is as powerful as the nail polish remover. And for good reason, you will have to apply a generous coat of varnish on your nails and let it act for a few seconds. Then remove the varnish with a tissue or towel.

  • Spray deodorant can be used as a second-hand remover

Since spray deodorant contains alcohol, it is just as effective at removing nail polish. To use it, you will have to sprinkle a cotton ball with this hygiene product. Gently rub your varnished nails afterwards and all the layers will disappear.

  • Toothpaste and baking soda is an effective polish remover

You can use the mixture of toothpaste and baking soda as a substitute for nail polish remover with acetone. The toothpaste dilutes the color of the nail polish and the baking soda strips and whitens the nails. If you want to remove all traces of varnish from your nails, apply a dab of this preparation on them. Leave on for a few minutes before completely removing the polish on your nails with cotton or a toothbrush.

You can remove all traces of nail polish without drying out your skin appendages, thanks to these different simple and effective alternatives.